I’m going travelling..

If you’re planning an overseas holiday, chances are you’re going to need some foreign currency. There are a number of options for obtaining access to the local currencies of the countries you are visiting. You can convert money beforehand or once you arrive in a country, or you can use one of a growing number of products designed specifically for international travellers.

Travel Currency


How much is 1 AUD worth today?

Australian forex rates Exchange Rate Reverse
Canadian Dollar 0.99 1.01
Chinese Yuan 5.47 0.18
Euro 0.66 1.52
Indian Rupee 56.04 0.02
Indonesian Rupiah 10,748.86 0.00
New Zealand Dollar 1.08 0.93
Philippine Peso 40.35 0.02
South African Rand 9.90 0.10
UK Pound 0.54 1.85
US Dollar 0.90 1.11


I’m interested in trading forex..

The ability for Australians to trade foreign currency online has become increasingly popular over the last few years. The growth in foreign currency trading, commonly known in forex trading, has come about due to a number of factors including the availability and ease of online trading and the ability to create profits.

Forex Brokers

Broker Spread Min Deposit Max Leverage Min Trade Size
3 $100 200:1 $5,000
2-90 $50 400:1 $2
2-4 $100 200:1 $50,000
3-4 $100 200:1 $5,000
0.5-2 $5,000 100:1 $1,000
3-600 $100 200:1 $5,000
3-5 $100 200:1 $10,000

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Future Prospect of the Yuan

World leaders have very often charged China of staggering devaluation of the Yuan for leveraging the advantages in its exports and imports. Over the past few years, following the modest currency reforms in 2005, China, as indicated by several forex brokers in the recent past, has tried to slowly but gradually stabilize the Yuan’s exchange rate with the Dollar…

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