EUR Exchange Rate

The Euro, since its inception, has grown dramatically as a trading currency and has become the only significant rival to the US Dollar as the global reserve currency. It is also the world’s second most traded currency after the US Dollar and is one of the Majors, trading with the Swiss Franc, the Japanese Yen and the British Pound. The currency was introduced on the global financial markets in 1999, and notes and coins came into circulation in 2002. It has generally traded above the US Dollar, but its value has dropped in world markets since 2010 amid concerns about the European sovereign debt crisis.

Euro Exchange Rates 14 February 2014

The EUR vs. Convert 1 EUR Reverse Convert In EUR
Australian Dollar EUR to AUD 1.52 AUD to EUR 0.66
Brazilian Real EUR to BRL 3.28 BRL to EUR 0.30
British Pound EUR to GBP 0.82 GBP to EUR 1.22
Canadian Dollar EUR to CAD 1.50 CAD to EUR 0.66
Chinese Yuan EUR to CNY 8.32 CNY to EUR 0.12
Danish Krone EUR to DKK 7.47 DKK to EUR 0.13
Hong Kong Dollar EUR to HKD 10.62 HKD to EUR 0.09
Indian Rupee EUR to INR 84.78 INR to EUR 0.01
Indonesian Rupiah EUR to IDR 16,231.15 IDR to EUR 0.00
Japanese Yen EUR to JPY 139.59 JPY to EUR 0.01
Mexican Peso EUR to MXN 18.16 MXN to EUR 0.06
New Zealand Dollar EUR to NZD 1.64 NZD to EUR 0.61
Norwegian Krone EUR to NOK 8.33 NOK to EUR 0.12
Polish Zloty EUR to PLN 4.15 PLN to EUR 0.24
Russian Ruble EUR to RUB 48.07 RUB to EUR 0.02
South African Rand EUR to SAR 5.14 SAR to EUR 0.19
Singapore Dollar EUR to SGD 1.73 SGD to EUR 0.58
Swedish Krona EUR to SEK 8.82 SEK to EUR 0.11
Swiss Franc EUR to CHF 1.22 CHF to EUR 0.82
Taiwan Dollar EUR to TWD 41.50 TWD to EUR 0.02
Thai Baht EUR to THB 44.34 THB to EUR 0.02
UAE Dirham EUR to AED 5.03 AED to EUR 0.20
US Dollar EUR to USD 1.37 USD to EUR 0.73
Philippine Peso EUR to PHP 61.17 PHP to EUR 0.02